Frequently Asked Questions

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Will GoTech work with my vehicle?

The GoTech mobile OBDII diagnostic tool is for vehicles 1996 and newer.

How many different vehicles can I pair with the GoTech mobile OBDII diagnostic tool?

The GoTech app allows you to save information for up to 10 different vehicles at a time. You also have the option to delete vehicles you’re no longer working on or own from the app in order to troubleshoot for new vehicles, if you exceed the 10-vehicle limit.

Will GoTech work with my phone or tablet?

GoTech is compatible with the following devices:

  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 5S
  • iPhone 5C
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPad (4th generation)
  • iPad (3rd generation)
  • iPad2
  • Android Smartphones and Tablets

Do I need any additional cables or cords to use the GoTech mobile OBDII diagnostic tool?

No! Ditch the cables.

Does GoTech provide information on all trouble codes?

The GoTech mobile OBDII diagnostic tool focuses on powertrain trouble codes only.

What exactly does GoTech do?

  • Troubleshoot your check engine light and trouble codes — GoTech does more than display a trouble code associated with engine problems, it also provides upwards of five different possible causes for the issue. All information is vehicle-specific and procured by Master ASE-certified technicians. If you discover a trouble code repair situation you don’t want to fix yourself, utilize GoTech’s “Freeze Frame” option to email gauge readings and the code information to a friend or a service garage. Once you have completed your diagnosis and repairs, a “Clear Codes” button gives you the ability to turn off your vehicle’s check engine light.
  • Perform a vehicle smog test — See whether your vehicle is ready for a local emissions test.
  • Monitor engine data — See your engine’s performance in real time as well monitor vehicle data over a period of time. These technician-chosen gauges display the data you will need to diagnose issues. The GoTech dashboard display is also customizable.
  • Receive TSBs and recall summaries — The GoTech app also pulls titles (not descriptions) of technical service bulletins (TSBs) and recall announcements specific to the vehicle(s) you have paired with the device from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. GoTech is not responsible for the content displayed from the NHTSA and encourages users to check with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for full, up-to-date TSB and recall information.

Is there an easy way to get GoTech information from my phone or tablet to a different device or computer?

The GoTech app includes a “Freeze Frame” button, which allows you to send details, such as trouble code and saved gauge readings from your engine’s computer at the time of the code, to other devices via email. Send the downloadable report to yourself, a technician, a dealership or a friend to work with you to help solve the problem.

Is the GoTech app easy to use?

Yes. Not only is the initial setup a snap, but using the app itself is intuitive and straight forward. A table of contents offers navigation to guide you through your vehicle diagnosis.

A “My Vehicles” page organizes all information stored for each vehicle paired with the GoTech device. The app’s memory recognizes signals from a saved vehicle, so going back and forth between up to 10 vehicles is as easy as unplugging the device from one OBDII port, connecting it to another vehicle and re-pairing it to your smart phone or tablet.

Watch a video to see how easy it is to get set up.

What makes GoTech better than other OBDII scanner products?

Some OBDII scanners provide only the trouble codes. Others will display a definition of a problem, but not probable causes. And even if they do provide a diagnosis, they cannot turn off the check engine light once it has been triggered. GoTech scans, displays codes, provides troubleshooting tips and allows users to clear the check engine light.

Big, bulky OBDII scanners designed for professional repair shops often provide a wealth of information, but are costly and can operate slowly. These products often display much more information than the average DIY consumer will understand. GoTech keeps it simple – giving users the ability to scan it and solve it, without sorting through pages of data.

GoTech was designed to serve do-it-your-selfers, providing the ideal amount of information to diagnose and resolve your engine problems.

The GoTech mobile OBDII diagnostic tool doesn’t tack on additional service fees or in-app purchases to unlock functionality or add other vehicles to your account. With GoTech, pay once and get it all.

Do I have to pay extra for the app?

No. There is no charge to download the GoTech app. Likewise, the automatic app updates that are sent directly to your smartphone or tablet are free.

Are there any hidden fees?

No. Unlike some OBDII scanner or trouble code tools, there are no hidden costs or subscription fees. Pay once to receive troubleshooting information and diagnostic gauges. Likewise, there is no additional cost to use GoTech with multiple vehicles — up to 10 simultaneously.

Does GoTech come with a warranty?

Yes. GoTech has a one-year limited warranty. Learn more here.

Will the GoTech mobile OBDII diagnostic tool drain my vehicle’s battery?

No. Once plugged in, the GoTech device doesn’t draw additional current from your car battery when the engine is shut off, so there is no need to unplug the device when the vehicle is not in use.

What does OBDII stand for?

OBDII refers to the industry-standard On-Board Diagnostics II (2) vehicle diagnostics system. The OBDII port is typically located beneath the dashboard of the driver’s side and allows for OBDII scanners and code readers to access information from the engine’s computer of vehicles 1996 or newer.

What does TSB stand for?

TSBs are technical service bulletins. The GoTech app accesses the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s database to provide TSBs and recall titles to any vehicle saved in the “My Vehicles” area of the GoTech app.